Mobile Car Crushing, Yard Processing And Haulage Services In Manitoba And Northwestern Ontario.

Scrap Metal Yard Recycling

Morguard Recycling provides Direct access to the largest Metal processors and end users of scrap metal in Ontario and Manitoba.

Morguard Recycling is a leading provider of metal recycling services in Manitoba and North Western Ontario.

We specialize in providing prompt, efficient Scrap metal processing services to Auto wreckers, Metal recycling yards and Industrial sites. These partnerships enable us to offer extremely competitive pricing and prompt payments.

Utilizing our fleet of trucks, specialized trailers, and heavy equipment, Morguard Recycling has the ability to transport all types and volumes of scrap metal. Additionally, Morguard Recycling ensures that our mobile processing crews clean the scrap metal sites to customer satisfaction.
Auto Wrecker Services

From crushing to road crews to heavy equipment, Morguard Recycling has all your Auto Recycling needs covered. Morguard has a strong line-up of balers and systematic crushing processes that ensure effective and efficient harvesting of your scrap cars. From cranes to crushers, side load trailers to dual axles, Morguard will meet the processing needs of your company.

Morguard promotes timely, swift, and clean removal of your inventory of scrap cars, machinery, tin, heavy metal, and other metal material.

Trailers And Heavy Equipment

Scrap Autos: Our mobile crushers will flatten and bundle your autos for quick and efficient removal, while ensuring that environmental regulations are adhered to.

Metal Shearing: Our Hydraulic Shears can easily process all of your over-size steel material, into mill-ready, shippable material.

Mobile Cranes: We offer State-of-the-art mobile cranes with long-reach capability and magnet capability for loose scrap cleanup.

Tin Bailing: Our mobile bailers can add value to your aluminum, copper, stainless, and shred materials, by transforming your material into premium, shippable cubes.

Morguard Recycling contractors and employees, provide excellence in the scrap metal Industry. They pride themselves in rigorous workplace safety, and a genuine concern for the environment.

Call today for competitive market pricing.

Morguard Recycling and its employees, look forward to ensuring that your next Scrap metal material sale, is a profitable and pleasant experience.

"Thank you for everything to deal with logistics. I love planes, trains and automobiles"
John Smith